4 Ways to Make a Retaining Wall a Feature in Your Backyard

Retaining walls are functional as they prevent soil erosion in your backyard. The walls too present an opportunity to get creative with your backyard. With the right ideas and expertise, the wall can be transformed to a work of art that is sure to make your backyard stand out. Here are four ideas that use your retaining wall as a work of art for your landscape.

Retaining Wall and a Fire Place

 Fireplaces are an attractive set to a backyard. It is possible to integrate a fireplace with the retaining wall. The wall could be used as a sitting place where the wall becomes the back of your seats. You could buy furniture and have the wall serve as the background. The wall could also be an artwork section holding hanging paintings or portraits. All these could then be complimented by adding a fireplace next to it. The final look of your background is sure to remain attractive for a long time.

Gardens and Attractive Lawns

Backyards with a touch of green are attractive. You can choose between having a garden or an attractive lawn. Begin by assessing the integrity of the wall. Have it reinforced if there is a need for it. You can then fill the back of the wall with soil all the way to the top, then have a staircase structure leading to the top of the wall. At the wall’s top, plant lawn grass and flowers. Combine all these and you will have a beautiful backyard with a functional retaining wall complimented with a staircase that leads you up to the beautiful garden.

Living Walls

For those looking to hide the retaining wall, you could opt for the living wall option. To do this, you will need flowering vines or flowers from hanging baskets. Planting flower vines cover your wall in its entirety. The complete covering of the wall will require a planting bed at the foot of the wall. Look for and plant flower vines at the wall’s base. Find ways of holding up the vines vertically across the wall. As they grow, the vines will intertwine and give the wall a burst of life and colour and with it, give your backyard its beauty.

With hanging baskets, portions of the wall are covered. You will need attractive baskets hanging from the top of the wall or affixed across the wall as per your specifications. The baskets are planted each with a different flower variety. To complement this look, you can also add vases or flower pots at the foot of the wall. This then gives life to the wall and your backyard.

The Fountain Adventure

It is possible to incorporate a water feature with a retaining wall. There could be a fountain before the wall or you could install a fountain at the top of the wall and have the water form a waterfall above the wall. You could also have the wall in the background with water falling in the foreground thus creating a perfect waterfall illusion. You could have a mini pool at the base of the wall or right above the wall. Complement this look with an all green backyard. This is sure to make your background a sight to behold.

The best retaining wall ideas are a spectacle that border on art and durability. It is in your best interest to have an expert’s assessment of the durability of your wall. Then they can incorporate your ideas to give you the final backyard artistic marvel.