How to build retaining walls for your property

As many people know, one of the most important purposes of building a retaining wall is to keep the soil in place and avoid erosion. Generally, both rain and the wind are the major causes of erosion in your yard and such situation can be effectively controlled by installing retaining walls. If a certain land (yard) has slopes in it, it is compulsory to have retaining walls installed; if not, over the time, the quality of the soil and the standard of the landscaping decreases significantly. Moreover, retaining walls can help increasing the aesthetic appearance of the yard; growing green foliage along these retaining walls will add significant beauty to your yard. Here’s how to build retaining walls for your property. However, before you start building retaining walls, you should obtain special permission from the local authority in the event of exceeding certain heights (the height limit may vary from state to state).

Design the walls

Don’t start building the retaining walls without having a proper design. If you start without a design, you might come across some conflictions during the process. You can design your walls either using a computer program or a graph paper.

Lay the foundation firmly

Without a strong foundation, you are very unlikely to build a solid retaining wall. Therefore, you should plan to make your foundation a very strong one. You should stick to the 8:1 ratio (one part of the wall should be below the ground level for every 8 parts above). Make sure that the trench is going sufficiently deeper; the bottom should be done with gravel and bedding of sand.

Start building the wall

Once the foundation of the wall is laid solidly, it is time for you to think of the wall. You will need to have retaining wall blocks with same size and shape. The joints in between should be perfectly bonded together in order to make the wall more strong.

Plan out the drainage system

When building a retaining wall, one of the most important aspects you should consider is the drainage system of the yard. After building the first row of the wall, you should get it filled with some crushed stones. You must do this repeatedly up to the total height of the wall.

It is better to hire an expert

If you don’t have experience and knowledge about building retaining walls, you should probably obtain the service of an expert. Although building a small retaining wall can be a relatively easier task, you should definitely seek the assistance of an expert for bigger projects. If not, what you spend will be in vain and you have to reinvest on the same project.

Depending on the type of the land and the type of the inclinations, the solution might differ. Therefore, a proper inspection and understanding is compulsory before every project. This is when experience and knowledge come to play. Ask around for professional retaining wall builders in your area and compare their profiles without opting for a service provider straightaway.