What are concrete retaining walls and how do you find a service for them? 

Usage of concrete retaining walls in yards has become a popular option among the property owners these days. In fact, compared to the other alternatives, concrete retaining walls are associated with a range of benefits. Let’s get an idea of the concrete retaining walls and how to find a reliable service provider that installs such walls.

The main purpose of installing a concrete wall in a yard is to prevent soil erosion and keep the original soil in place. Once installed properly, concrete walls retail soil perfectly in place and make your yard a safe and stable place for trees and plants.

Technically, concrete retaining walls come in three forms; as concrete (precast) panels, as concrete blocks or as poured-in-place concrete. Depending on the type of the situation, you (or your service provider) can choose the most appropriate option. Once installed, concrete retaining walls (all the three varieties) stand extremely strong. In fact, strength is the main consideration when your main intention is to hold tonnes of soil (and water) in place.  Adding more value to the strength, concrete walls are reputed for their strength too. More importantly, these walls increase their strength and stability over the time; they have an extremely long lifespan.

Concrete walls are completely safe from fire, water, rust and rot.  All the three varieties of concrete retaining walls are proven to be highly effective when standing against bad weather too.

When it comes to the installation part, concrete retaining walls are known to be among the most convenient options; less effort and time is required to install concrete walls. With concrete walls, you can create highly customised shapes; creating angular, curvy or any other shape is pretty easy thanks to the flexibility of this versatile material. Because of this flexibility, concrete walls have become the most popular option among the professional landscapers.

Despite all the technical details and jargon, concrete walls are simply beautiful. You don’t necessarily have to keep the odd “concrete” colour as you can customise them into any colour or texture. You can make these walls look like a variety of materials such like natural stone or anything else. These creative colours and shades can add exceptional beauty to your yard. When it comes to maintenance, concrete demands very low attention; in fact, occasional inspection for any wear and tear coupled with annual cleaning (if necessary) is enough for concrete.

How to find a reliable service provider for concrete retaining walls 

When selecting a professional to install concrete retaining walls, you should consider the following facts.

  • Rely on experienced companies
  • Ask for customer testimonials
  • Go through their portfolio
  • Check for their industry qualifications
  • Compare quotations obtained from at least 03 – 05 vendors
  • Don’t select a service provider solely based on the price factor

Be sure that you observe their professionalism. See if they are creative enough to provide innovative solutions that go with the current trends in the industry. For retaining wall services in Melbourne give us a call on 0404 030 624 and you will get all your landscaping needs taken care.