What Are The Functions Of Retaining Walls?

One of the most common and popular additions to any landscape are retaining walls. It is not only the aesthetic appeal that comes with these walls (including the array of materials, such as concrete, timber and block) but the functionality that comes with these designs. These creations can have a massive impact on any property and its landscaping design and layout. So it is essential to know what are the functions of the retaining wall, so you know how you can use it for your landscape design:

Provide A Strong Structure

A retaining wall is a protective structure, first and foremost. Its main aim is to provide functional support for keeping soil in place. It acts as a wall to keep the soil on one side and the rest of the landscape area on the other, providing a platform for a garden to be created. Many households require a retaining wall to ensure that they can build and design a feature around it.

Helps With Slopes

Retaining walls are especially important for people who have slopes in their homes. To ensure they can create the garden they want, they need to provide a layer of protection against the slope. This is where the retaining wall comes into play. Using them will create terraces of usable land on slopes that couldn’t be used without them.

Control A Water Run off

One critical aspect of retaining walls is how they can help homes with the flow of rainwater. Water can be managed, and flooding can be avoided if the walls are installed correctly. This will help you in the way you maintain and operate your garden. It also works well with any water feature you want to invest in your property.

Will Give A Platform For Your Garden

We touched on this in point one, but we are going to delve into this point a little more. Retaining walls are great in giving your garden a platform to be creative. Acting as a barrier, you can construct a beautiful garden which will be easy to maintain. Retaining walls are both aesthetically appealing and functional; giving you the best of both worlds.

These are the reasons that retaining walls are vitally important to the structure and design of any landscape. When it comes to getting yours on your property, contact the experts here at Jurassic Landscapes today. We have all the experience, skill and passion for helping you with all your retaining walls needs.