For high quality retaining wall blocks in Melbourne & surrounding areas

Find the perfect retaining wall for your space

At Jurassic Landscaping we can show you how well made wall blocks can improve your home. Aside from aesthetics, retaining walls can help to prevent soil erosion, create garden beds and improve the landscape, particularly on sloping blocks.

If you need retaining wall construction in Melbourne, rely on the experts at Jurassic Landscaping.


Timber retaining walls

Wall blocks made from timber can provide as much stability as a concrete or rock block retaining wall, but with the added benefit of the stunning, natural looks you will only find in wood.

Our timber retaining walls offer excellent functionality. Jurassic Landscaping can show you a wide range of timber products in Melbourne.

Block retaining walls

When put together professionally, sandstone wall blocks create a beautiful retaining wall that is sure to be a talking point in any garden. Sandstone can be an affordable option and complements most homes beautifully.

Visit Jurassic Landscaping in Essendon for more information on sandstone retaining wall construction.

Concrete retaining walls

Concrete will last a long time and is a great choice for retaining walls that need extra reinforcing and strength.

Contact our experts at Jurassic Landscaping today for a great range of retaining wall options in Melbourne.