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Retaining Walls To Keep Slipping Soil In Place And Create A Stunning Landscape 

Is your home at the bottom of a hill or on a steep incline?

Ever worry about erosion shattering the foundation of your home?

If you do, then you need a retaining wall to keep the soil in place and keep your home safe. 

By not installing a retaining wall when you should it can lead to significant scale problems such as foundation movement which causes issues like cracks inside your home. 

Retaining walls prevent soil erosion and maximise useless space by creating valuable areas. In addition, they can help to develop new scopes in the landscape of your property and solve your landscaping problems.

Furthermore, well constructed retaining walls offer beauty and value to your property too. 

Not sure if you need a retaining wall?

Are you in the Meadow Heights area and you want peace of mind? Great. Then contact our landscaping masters today to see what we can create for you. 

Retaining Walls In Meadow Heights

Retaining Walls in Melbourne Northern Suburbs
If you’re like most people, then you probably haven’t given retaining walls much thought. However, if you live in [area] and your home is on a slope, it’s time to give it some attention. 


Because, a retaining wall is designed with a purpose in mind, to hold up ground which would otherwise slowly drift downwards and to support your soil. 

Guess what?

Retaining walls can also improve your landscape, look pleasing and increase the value of your home too. They provide a charming aesthetic appeal to your garden, and there are many different options for their designs. Which means we can create them in a way which complements your landscape and your garden’s design. 

So, if you want to prevent significant damage to your landscape and your home in Meadow Heights then contact us today. 

Why Do I Need Retaining Walls?

There are many reasons and factors which lead you to require retaining walls. 

  1. To create more space
  2. To make gardens beds or vegetable patches
  3. Your land is slope
  4. You have or could be susceptible to eroding 

But wait. 

Erosion can be sneaky, leaving you with no notion of its occurrence. 

Erosion may not be threatening your home now but under the right conditions in the future, it very well could. 

Think about this.

An earthquake. And if you’re like most people, an earthquake is something you don’t often think about. In the event of an earthquake slides away from fault lines. If your home is located downhill from a fault line, then you could be susceptible to grave damage. 

The experienced and skilled landscaping team at Jurassic Landscaping can evaluate your land and asses it for potential future damage which could occur to your property down the track. 

So, if you’re in the Meadow Heights area then contact the team at Jurrasic Landscaping today and let’s assess your property and see how we can protect it best for you. 

Stop Soil Erosion Now

Unfortunately, we can’t stop gravity, right? Correct. A natural occurrence from our beautiful planet which we need to battle with. The force of gravity can damage our homes which means they need protecting. You need a system to control downhill erosion because it’s not going to stop. 

If there are large amounts of erosion materials clogging essential areas of your property, then put a stop to it now. 

Get the right retaining wall for your erosion problem. 

Our expert’s design and construct the walls in a way which minimised erosion by decreasing the angle of the slope and holding back the soil. What’s best for this type of protection are concrete retaining walls. This is because they act as a powerful barrier against the wrath of erosion.  

Oh, and don’t forget hills. 

If you have a hill on your property, erosion will most likely be a problem for you. If not now, it will be in the future. Our friend gravity along with water will together do an excellent job in the erosion process]

Create Useful Space In Your Garden 

Let’s look at the splendid benefits of retaining walls. 

If you have a hill on your property, don’t let any space go to waste. Installing a retaining wall can create an abundance of space which you can use, let us flatten out the area to develop practical sections in your garden. 

Retaining walls create glorious features such as, 

  • Landscaping areas
  • Garden beds
  • Seating area’s to relax and enjoy 
  • Vegetable patches 
  • Gorgeous design features to create a garden of your dreams

Prevent And Reduce Potentially Damaging Flooding 

The news is in, retaining walls can slow down the flow of heavy rainfall. Heavy rains can cause damage and sliding of soils rapidly. So if you’re in the [subrub] area contact us today to start your retaining wall project. 

Types Of Retaining Walls

There are many options to select when it comes to design and materials of the right retaining wall for you. Use small and simplistic retaining walls to create tiny features such as gardens beds or vegetable patches and show off your green thumb to your friends and families. Or, build grand scale retaining walls which are barriers to protect your home. 

Concrete Retaining Walls

If you’re like most people in the Meadow Heights area, then you’re looking for reinforcement and strength when it comes to a retaining wall. So, to get that power and feel safe you need concrete retaining walls. 


Because they’re durable, and they’ll last a long time, oh and they’re also too. Concrete doesn’t rust or suffer such damage from the natural elements. Concrete retaining walls protect against damage from the surrounding soil and any water and moisture which affects and damages other materials such as wood. 

If you’re in the Meadow Heights it’s time to look at the retaining wall option which is best for your property. Whichever your need for a retaining wall if it’s large or small contact us today.

Our landscape design masters are experts in the Meadow Heights area and will evaluate and develop the best options for you. Let us create the landscape design of your dreams today.

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